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  • Bulbous Bow Fabrication & Installation

    Platypus Marine is well versed in Bulbous Bow fabrication and installation.

    A Bulbous Bow is a protruding bulb located at the bow of a ship just below the waterline. Bulbs work well for vessels generally greater than 50 feet and the purpose of the bulb is to modify the way the water flows around the hull and increase fuel efficiency.

    Platypus Marine has two George Roddan engineered bulb molds – A 42-inch mold and a 52-inch mold for fabricating Fiberglass bulbs. Options include the addition of bow thruster to the bulb and also trim capability by adding or removing air pressure in the bulb chamber specially created for this capability. Our bulbs are resin infused for greater strength and reduced weight. Also added is an extra ridge on top and below the bulb for additional strength and a break for waves in head seas.

    A side benefit reported from captains and builders is reduction of pitching as the boat moves forward because a layer of water puts some downward pressure as the bulb travels just under the surface. We look forward to hearing how our latest bulb performs for the owner with his new bulb, hydraulic thruster, and the air pressure adjustments within his bulbous bow.