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  • Celeste goes to Dutch Harbor!

        We’re back on Celeste and getting ready for another summer’s adventure in the far north! After a week’s travel from Switzerland we arrived in Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutian Islands, on June 13. We’d planned to give ourselves that much time in order to see a lot on the way. First stop was Iceland where we marveled at the barren, volcanic landscape, still gripped in winter. Nonetheless, the greylag geese were arriving, a sign of summer.


        We visited the original geyser (which no longer erupts, although its neighbor does) and the famous and beautiful Gullfoss waterfall before boarding the next flight across the top of the world to Alaska! There we spent a few days camping in the rain and snow in Denali National Park. Despite the weather and despite not catching a glimpse of the big mountain itself, we were excited to hike over the tundra, spot lots of Arctic ground squirrels (one of which tried to nibble on Seth’s shoe!), see a few grizzlies, and watch a big bull moose browsing.


        Back in Anchorage, we boarded the tiny prop plane for Dutch Harbor, a three hour flight over mountains, glaciers, tundra, and then the Bering Sea. The weather gods smiled on us for our first few days here and the island amazed us once again with its dramatic green mountains, lovely wildflowers, and enormous eagles!


      You can follow their adventures on their website   www.gonefloatabout.com