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  • Celeste II 2016 – Revarnish and Bottom Paint

    Celeste II 2016 , a 40’ Wood Sailing Yacht was hauled out at Platypus Marine for her extensive dry dock period.

    Celeste II 2016 – 

    Platypus Marine has partnered with Celeste owners Seth and Ellen on their adventures as one of their many sponsors. Over the past year Celeste sailed to Dutch Harbor Alaska, reaching the most northern point in North America. However, on her Journey the boat received major damage after being apart a typhoon that blew over from Japan. Platypus Marine repaired the damages including repairs on the toe rail, removing the old varnish, applying new varnish to the topside and then applied two coats of Seahawk sharkskin antifouling paint. After Celeste’s 6 week period of being located in our indoor facility she was then launched back into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Platypus Marine is proud to partner with these two adventurers as their partner for an exceptional project.

    Please Check out Seth and Ellens Blog www.gonefloatabout.com for more details about their adventures.