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    Intruder – Structural Deck Repairs

    The 58’ Fishing Vessel Intruder, out of Friday Harbor, recently underwent structural repair at Platypus Marine. Her experienced and knowledgeable owner, wanting to keep his vessel in the best of condition at all times, brought Intruder in to have Platypus … Continue reading

    Sea Mac – 550 Ton Haul Out

    With Platypus Marine upgrading their haul out capability to 550 tons, the 86’ fishing vessel, Sea Mac was recently called out for emergency repairs to her running gear. After repairs were affected, Sea Mac launched and was heading back to her … Continue reading

    Primus – Custom Bulbous Bow

    Primus, a 58′ steel fishing vessel from Sand Point Alaska, was hauled out at Platypus Marine for a series of extensive configuration modifications along with routine maintenance items.  Platypus fabricated and installed a custom steel bulbous bow and large rolling … Continue reading

    Wind Walker – Top Coat

    ‘Wind Walker’, a 55’ Steel Fishing Vessel out of Neah Bay, was recently hauled out at Platypus Marine in Port Angeles, Washington for fresh topside paint and several coats of bottom paint along with new zincs. She received a thorough … Continue reading


    DEEAHKS, a 58’ wood wishing vessel out of Neah Bay, was recently hauled out for servicing of her tail shaft and pillow blocks. She also received a fresh coat of bottom paint and had zincs replaces as found necessary. While … Continue reading

    Marlins II from Westport WA

    Marlins II, a hard working 84’ Jensen Marine steel fishing vessel out of Westport Washington recently launched after several weeks in the Platypus yard. She had her hull topsides prepped and painted along with new anti-fouling paint in zincs.  A … Continue reading

    ‘Karen Jeanne’ Project

    “This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a shipyard. Your have the best and most conscientious workers I’ve ever worked with. My boat Karen Jeanne, came out absolutely fantastic…!” -Owner/Captain of the fishing vessel Karen … Continue reading

    Go Fish ‘Pacific Wind’

    The ‘Pacific Wind’ is a 75′ steel fishing trawler out of Westport, Washington.  Although her Captain and crew keep her in top notch shape, the ‘Pacific Wind’ was in need of a quick hull repair.  We hauled the ‘Pacific Wind’ … Continue reading

    ‘Qualay Squallum’

    The ‘Qualay Squallum’, one of our returning customers, is ready to catch a ton of fish after launching from Platypus Marine.  While the ‘Qualay Squallum’ was here, her hull and topside was painted, we provided support for hydraulic work, serviced … Continue reading

    ‘St. Teresa’ Project

    The ‘St. Teresa’ fishing vessel leaves Platypus Marine after we reconditioned the prop, repairs and insulated the fish hold, and reinforced the hull and chines.  Last fall ‘St. Teresa’ came our yard and we fabricated and installed a new bulbous … Continue reading

    ‘Confidence’ Launch

    Ready to Catch A Lot of Fish, ‘Confidence’ Launches from Platypus Marine We were happy to welcome the commercial fishing vessel, ‘Confidence’ back to our shipyard.  While ‘Confidence’ was here she received hull fairing, new bottom paint, new zincs, and … Continue reading

    ‘Tradition’ Launch

    ‘Tradition’ is Ready to Catch Some Fish The 58’ Delta Seiner ‘Tradition’, out of Gig Harbor, Washington was just launched from our facility. Work we performed, included but was not limited to, a complete yacht quality Awlgrip paint job of … Continue reading

    ‘Jamie Marie’ Launch

    The 90’ commercial fishing vessel ‘Jamie Marie’ out of Westport, WA was just launched from Platypus Marines 330 ton travel lift. Her owners, wanting her to always look her best, had her in for a quick topside touch up and … Continue reading

    Misty Moon Launches From Platypus Marine

    Misty Moon Launches From Platypus Marine Misty Moon, a Delta 58′ fishing boat built in 1976, recently launched from Platypus Marine, Inc., after getting a new bulbous bulb bow and an eye catching paint job.  She will be getting a lot … Continue reading

    ‘Cricket’ Launch

    After a Major Refit and Full Paint Job, ‘Cricket’ is Ready to Go Fishing ‘Cricket’, a 51 foot Little Hoquiam fishing boat, from the Platypus Marine’s shipyard.  She received a major refit including a new hydraulic system, new mast assembly, booms, and … Continue reading