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    Aquatic fiberglass tank assembly

    Platypus Marine got the opportunity to do something a little different in the assembly of fiberglass rearing tanks for the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA. The tanks will be used to raise and nurture a variety of sea creatures, including two juvenile spotted … Continue reading

    Bulbous Bow Fabrication & Installation

    Platypus Marine is well versed in Bulbous Bow fabrication and installation. A Bulbous Bow is a protruding bulb located at the bow of a ship just below the waterline. Bulbs work well for vessels generally greater than 50 feet and the purpose of … Continue reading

    Puget Sound Annual Maintenance

    Puget Sound, a 74 ft Nordlund Pilot boat, was hauled out at Platypus Marine for Annual Maintenance. The Pilot boat  while located inside of our indoor shipyard facility originally came in for new anti-fouling bottom paint and zinc replacement. Work included … Continue reading

    Motega – Routine Maintenance

    Motega – Routine Maintenance, of Arrow Launch Services was hauled out at Platypus Marine for extensive drydocking services. while located in the Pacific Northwest Shipyard her knowledgeable and experienced owner had routine maintenance completed during her short visit of two weeks. We … Continue reading

    Safeboats – Corrosion control

    Safeboats – Platypus Marine has been performing corrosion control coating applications to a series of new build, high speed, Military Patrol boats. Over the Course of the last year Platypus Marine has completed on time and within budget on all … Continue reading

    Juan De Fuca – Pilot Boat 2015

    Juan de Fuca, a 74’ Nordlund Pilot boat, was hauled out a Platypus Marine for routine maintenance. She also received fresh bottom paint, new zincs and prop speed to her jet drive impellers. The Juan de Fuca is now back … Continue reading

    MSRC Barges

    MSRC’s 50’ Shallow Water Barges were deployed at Platypus Marine Inc. to have annual testing performed. The test provided the MSRC with sufficient data to ensure optimal performance. The Unit was then disassembled and hauled out using Platypus Marines 330 Ton travel lift to … Continue reading

    Puget Sound – Service & Paint

    We have proudly serviced the boats from the Port Angeles Pilot Station for years, and a few weeks ago we got yet another chance to work with the Puget Sound Pilots when they brought in P/V Puget Sound, a 74’ … Continue reading

    Warrior Arrow Launch

    Warrior Arrow Launch , 56’ Steel Landing Craft was hauled out at Platypus Marine to facilitate repairs.  She was also bottom painted ,had new zincs installed and had rust removed from her Hull. The Warrior is now back to her duties … Continue reading

    Juan de Fuca – Pilot Boat

    Juan de Fuca, a 74’ Nordlund Pilot boat, was hauled out a Platypus Marine for a main engine re-powering project. She also received fresh bottom paint, new zincs and prop speed to her jet drive impellers. The Juan de Fuca … Continue reading

    Wind Sentinels

    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has employed Platypus Marine to provide logistical services to a couple of their Wind Assessment Buoys (WABs), also know as Wind Sentinels. They are manufactured by AXYS Technologies, Inc., in Sidney, British Columbia, and were … Continue reading

    Puget Sound

    Puget Sound, a 74.2 ft Nordlund Pilot boat, was hauled out for new anti-fouling bottom paint and zinc replacement. She was also polished and waxed from top to bottom, and had Prop speed applied to the stern gear. Puget Sound … Continue reading

    Arctic Tern

    Arctic Tern, a 73’ (Steel) Oil Spill Response Vessel was hauled out for a few minor repairs and to facilitate a USCG inspection. For More Pictures of Commercial Vessels like Arctic Tern check out our Pinterest!

    Marlins II from Westport WA

    Marlins II, a hard working 84’ Jensen Marine steel fishing vessel out of Westport Washington recently launched after several weeks in the Platypus yard. She had her hull topsides prepped and painted along with new anti-fouling paint in zincs.  A … Continue reading

    ‘Yukon Queen II’

    The ‘Yukon Queen II’ is a 100 foot aluminum catamaran which was built in Australia.  She was hauled out, inspected and launched from Platypus Marine this week, and is ready to go back to work.  The ‘Yukon Queen II’ is … Continue reading

    ‘Island Express III’

    A 72′ high speed catamaran, the ‘Island Express III’, which will be used as a passenger ferry on the Panama Canal, recently launched from Platypus Marine. The ‘Island Express III’ is a new build designed by Joe Kitchell of Left Coast Composites … Continue reading

    Motega Launch

    When ‘Motega’ of Arrow Launch Services came to Platypus Marine she was blue, and she launched red after receiving new topside paint.  While ‘Motega’ was here she had her running gear serviced, new bottom paint, welding, and new zincs.

    Pilot Boat On Duty

    The Pilot Boat, ‘Juan De Fuca’ is back on duty after launching from Platypus Marine.  We are thankful to have our local Pilot Boats as one of our loyal customers. While ‘Juan De Fuca’ was just at our shipyard we serviced the vessel’s jet drive.  Check … Continue reading

    ‘Trojan 845’

    Heading Up North To Alaska, ‘Trojan 845’ Launches ‘Trojan’ recently launched from Platypus Marine after being pressure washed and scraped to remove marine growth on the bottom of the vessel.  After that we grinded and sanded the bottom of the … Continue reading

    Pilot ‘Puget Sound’

    The Pilot Boat ‘Puget Sound’ is back in service after a short visit at Platypus Marine.  We are very grateful for the many years we have worked with the local Pilot Boats.  ‘Puget Sound’ looks great after getting pressure washed, a … Continue reading