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  • Platy in Alaska!

    The Last time we heard from Platy he hopped on board with Dave and Cindy to travel on the Boat ‘Full Circle’. While he was up there Platy switched vessels to travel with Steve Oberto on the ‘Maximo’. Dave and Cindy were sad to see him go but they knew it was for the best. Steve Oberto was kind enough to send us some pictures of the fun that Platy was having. Their first night of their voyage they had feasted on Salmon to celebrate Platy’s partnership. The next morning Steve decided to fill up the gas tank and platy decided to pitch in and pay for gas since he was tagging along. So Platy had gotten out of the boat to stretch his sea legs and filled the vessel up with fuel so they could see more of Alaska. A couple of days past by since they filled up and they ran into some fellow boaters and decided to say hello! Platy was so excited to meet some new friends he climbed up on the bow to get the first hello. The fellow vessel didn’t have time to chat for long so they went on their different ways to find more Alaskan Adventure. Around Two O’clock the same day they had witnessed a Glacier beyond Grandeur to the east of where they were sailing. Platy was astonished at the gorgeous landscape of Ice and how it could look so beautiful. It was a sight like this that really made Platy glad he tagged along to see the wonders of Alaska.