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  • Platy the platypus Next Adventure

    Full Circle has come back to platypus Marine and brought Platy back home for a short while. However, this was just the beginning to a new chapter for Platy. Here is an update:

    After returning home from Alaska and seeing the Misty Fiords National Monument, Platy decided to head back to his home at Platypus Marine in Port Angeles Washington. During his few short weeks back at home Platy had reflected back on his time he had spent with Dave and Cindy. Platy had come to the realization that he would love to set sail on the full circle again. Before he knew it Full Circle was about to launch and was presented an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. With two shakes of his beaver like tail he scuttled over the the boat and asked Dave and Cindy if he could return to their vessel.  Dave and Cindy embraced Platy’s thrill for adventure and said they would love to have him aboard! Forever Grateful, the Young Platypus leap aboard to get the best view of Port Angeles mountains from the Mast.With the wind breaking at the eager Platypus’s Beak and flowing through his sheen coat he set out for a new horizon. Platy has no clue where he is venturing off to next. But Platy knows that he is in the good capable hands of Dave and Cindy, and to him, that is enough.

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