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    Invitation Only – After Hours Reception

    During Pacific Marine Expo, for many attending vessel Owners, Operators and Captains, the after-hour receptions, parties and events are a major draw, much anticipated and well attended. Platypus Marine and several select sponsors, will be hosting their 2nd annual “After Hours … Continue reading

    Celeste update #3!

    Our last update had us about to depart from Barrow on the return passage to Dutch Harbor. We rounded Point Barrow, the northermost point of America, on August 1st after a rough passage from Point Hope. The weather on the … Continue reading

    Celeste reaches the Chukchi Sea

    Dear friends, We last wrote from Nome, just south of the Bering Strait and a milestone as our most northerly port in the Bering Sea.  We’ve now crossed the Arctic Circle and are in the Chukchi Sea!  We’re currently anchored … Continue reading

    ‘Boats Afloat show’ 2015!

    Platypus Marine would like for you to know Seattle’s 37th annual Lake Union Boats Afloat Show is currently underway. The Show continues through Sunday, September 20th, 2015. This is the largest floating boat show on the west coast! From trawlers … Continue reading

    Celeste goes to Dutch Harbor!

        We’re back on Celeste and getting ready for another summer’s adventure in the far north! After a week’s travel from Switzerland we arrived in Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutian Islands, on June 13. We’d planned to give ourselves … Continue reading

    Platy’s Voyage on Celeste, Part Two

    Platy’s Voyage on Celeste, Part Two – Platy after spending some time up in Alaska With Full Circle decided he needed a vacation where the sun was hot and the beaches were sandy. So Cindy and David decided to take … Continue reading

    Platy’s Voyage Aboard Celeste, Part Two

    After his brief rest and recuperation on Vancouver Island (see Part One), Platy thoroughly enjoyed his overnight passage to Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands. The conditions weren’t actually that much better than his passage from Juan de Fuca … Continue reading

    Pacific Marine Expo 2014

    It’s that time of year again! I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, I’m talking about the Pacific Marine Expo 2014! You can catch our sales team at Booth 1132. We would love to talk to you about what we are most … Continue reading

    Platy in Alaska!

    The Last time we heard from Platy he hopped on board with Dave and Cindy to travel on the Boat ‘Full Circle’. While he was up there Platy switched vessels to travel with Steve Oberto on the ‘Maximo’. Dave and Cindy … Continue reading

    Platy the platypus Next Adventure

    Full Circle has come back to platypus Marine and brought Platy back home for a short while. However, this was just the beginning to a new chapter for Platy. Here is an update: After returning home from Alaska and seeing … Continue reading

    I’m On A Boat

    Platy was looking pretty relaxed, snuggled between the rainbow colored ropes cascading down the mast of ‘Full Circle.’ The boat cruised along only by wind power traveling at 7.9 knots under the jib sail alone.  Though a little overcast, Platy was so content … Continue reading

    ‘Full Circle’ Sails

    Just a bit before summer began, ‘Full Circle’ launched from Platypus Marine to enjoy a summer of boating up to Alaska. Platy jumped aboard and we have been following there adventures ever since. Here is an update: Platy was too … Continue reading

    Platy on ‘Sea Devil’

    Platy who is always looking for a great adventure, was determined to get on board the USCG cutter, ‘Sea Devil’ as it launched from Platypus Marine.  He almost got away with it too, but was spotted by a Coast Guard … Continue reading

    Platy-Kynoch Falls

    Platy was caught on camera enjoying the views of the Kynoch Falls on the north shore of the Kynoch inlet in British Columbia, Canada just east of the Queen Charlotte Sound.  Recently, Platy caught a trip up to Alaska when ‘Full Circle’, a catamaran … Continue reading

    Platy Update

    ‘Full Circle’ is a catamaran which after launching from Platypus Marine headed north to Alaska.  We received a report from the owners Cindy and David, “Full circle is in Ocean Falls enjoying a  beautiful warm afternoon after a cold rainy … Continue reading

    Platy & ‘Full Circle’

    Platy was spotted down at the Port Angeles Harbor stalking the catamaran ‘Full Circle’ which had just launched from Platypus Marine.  The cute little guy looked so pitiful as he longingly watched ‘Full Circle’ fill up with gas at the … Continue reading

    Platy’s Adventures

    Platy Aboard the Fishing Boat Adamant Check out Platy looking out the window of the wheelhouse of the fishing boat Adamant, built by Platypus Marine.  We hope to follow Platy on his many adventures around the world aboard the many … Continue reading