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    Lat: 48.07.22 N, Long: 123.26.40 W

    ‘Commander’ Hydraulics, Mast & Deck

    Commercial Fishing Vessel Major Refit:

    ‘Commander’ is a 58-foot Delta. She’s one of our regulars. This season, she underwent a large list of projects entailing upgrades, modifications, fabrications, and repairs:

    • Sanded, faired, painted, and high built damages to hull
    • Applied gelcoat to aft work deck, inside bulwarks, aft house wall, aft pilot house wall and bow deck with nonskid material
    • Applied polyurea coatings on transom bulkhead to port and starboard aft hawse rings
    • Filled new crew hatch frame and water way diamond plating
    • Painted house and applied nonskid to cabin top
    • Refinished wood trim around pilot house window
    • Sandblasted, cleaned, and flame sprayed mast with aluminum/zinc and reinstalled
    • Refurbished crew head
    • Modified existing rolling chocks to 22 inches
    • Fabricated and installed pipe guard on starboard rolling chock
    • Relocated fish hold hatches
    • Replaced aluminum work deck floor frames with fiberglass channel
    • Modified and glassed over existing hatch ring fro new deck hatch and applied soft pad diamond nonskid
    • Deck planking
    • Installed new Dutch door to main house
    • Fabricated, fit and installed new “Sea Board” gear box
    • Fabricated and installed storage locker box with bench set top
    • Fabricated and installed cabinet doors
    • Fabricated two new stainless steel “crows feet” tie-down cleats and stainless steel sleeves for vang anchors
    • Installed new stainless steel railings and ladders, sleeves for blocking shackles, tabs to mast; installed new boom and picking boom
    • Removed and replaced helm station electronics
    • Rewired and reinstalled mast lighting and navigational items after sandblasting and coating mast