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    Lat: 48.07.22 N, Long: 123.26.40 W

    Ruth M – Hull Extension

    Commercial fishing vessel

    ‘Ruth M’ was a 50-foot Ledford extended to a 55-foot vessel┬áthat received numerous upgrades and custom fabrication work.

    • Repaired deck; deck and bulwarks received non-skid paint application
    • Repaired and painted house and cabin
    • Modification┬áto anchor roller
    • Fabrication of new exhaust closet, shelving, and steps
    • Fabrication of new wood units for rolling chocks
    • Hull extension — cut and move section of hull and transom aft about 6 feet
    • Removed old foredeck bulwarks to deck level and built one-off mold onto portion of hull below deck line
    • Removed skylight and repaired interior overhead strapping
    • Repaired fiberglass wedges in fish hold and removed top of shaft alley
    • Fabrication and installation of bulkhead to separate hull extension into two spaces
    • Fabrication and installation of bases for new fuel tanks
    • Fabrication and installation of new deck and deck shelf
    • Installation of tunnel and bow thruster
    • Manufactured new main boom and reassembled
    • Repaired and painted hull