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  • ‘Viking Spirit’

    The ‘Viking Spirit’ is a 72′ McQueen motor yacht. While the ‘Viking Queen’ was at Platypus Marine, we fabricated and installed a new hardtop, installed new salon overhead beams, relocated navigational components, along with many other upgrades.


    ‘Commander’ & ‘Ruth M’

    This video features two fishing vessels. The first is the ‘Commander’, a 58′ Delta, which is one of our returning customers. While the ‘Commander’ was at Platypus Marine she underwent a many upgrades, modifications, fabrications and repairs. The second fishing vessel in this video is the ‘Ruth M.’ The ‘Ruth M’ was a 50′ LedFord before this project, but after a hull extension she launched from Platypus Marine at 55′ in length.



    The ‘Assurance’ commercial fishing vessel is a 55′ Hansen. While the ‘Assurance’ was at Platypus Marine, she underwent major work to her mast and received many upgrades and redesign work.



    ‘Resonance’ is a 47′ Selene motor yacht. While the ‘Resonance’ was at Platypus Marine she received topside blister repairs and new finish, rudder modification, new bottom paint and other repairs.