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  • Puget Sound – Service & Paint

    We have proudly serviced the boats from the Port Angeles Pilot Station for years, and a few weeks ago we got yet another chance to work with the Puget Sound Pilots when they brought in P/V Puget Sound, a 74’ Nordland Pilot Boat.

    P/V Puget Sound underwent a three-week dry dock with Platypus Marine. During the time we had Puget Sound in the yard we serviced the entire underwater portions of the vessel. The hull was sand blasted below the waterline to strip all of the existing coatings. The Hamilton Jet Drives were removed, sand blasted, serviced, primed, painted, and reinstalled.  After inspecting the exposed metal we applied an epoxy primer and fresh antifouling paint to keep P/V Puget Sound running fast and smooth.

    The topsides of P/V Puget Sound also got a facelift. Small repairs were made to areas where imperfections had developed, the hull sides and house were faired where needed, then primed and sanded. Once the prep work was complete P/V Puget Sound was masterfully painted with a full Awlgrip topcoat.

    P/V Puget Sound has now returned to service with the Port Angeles Pilot Station looking as pretty as the day she was built. We wish her fair seas and following winds until the next time we see her for service!