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  • Excellence in Refits & Repairs

    Platypus Marine’s shipyard offers comprehensive refit and repairs services to recreational, commercial fishing, government & working vessels up to 500 tons. Sooner or later, boats require some level of refit or upgrade and repairs are inevitable. We understand the importance of having structural, system or interior refits and repairs completed properly from the beginning. Our Project Coordinating team communicates with you every step of the way ensuring you get the services you need and to get you back out on the water on time and safely.

    Platypus is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier yacht refit and project management, Boat repairs, marine services and our all-weather enclosed refit facilities include: 120′ – 2 hardstands; 75, 330, and 500 ton travel lifts; 50 skilled craftsmen; and 120 approved sub-contractors in over 20 trades.

    Platypus’s shipyard is a great location for boats of all shapes and sizes to complete refits, maintenance work and repairs in a pristine shipyard and marina complex at the base of the National Olympic Forest. Interior and exterior Refit services include: super finish coatings, luxury interiors, carpets, furniture and décor, teak and resin external decks, marble, entertainment systems and equipment, communication & navigation, HVAC, electrical and electronic installations and all other systems and equipment, highly skilled personnel service & repair, propulsion, stabilizers, positioning systems and other  engineered apparatus. Once your work is complete, your yachts life expectancy and performance will once again be like that of a new build.

    Whether you need a new color scheme, galley, hull extension, bulbous bulb, heating or cooling system, new interior design work, system upgrades, paint or gel-coat work, we are here to support and exceed your expectations.