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  • Sponsoning presentation by Bruce Bryant

    Are you attending Pacific Marine Expo 2015..?

    Don’t miss the INNOVATION IN FIBERGLASS VESSEL SPONSONING presentation by Bruce Bryant, Platypus Marine’s general manager.

    Pacific Marine Expo

    Wednesday, November 18th

    2:15pm – 3:00pm

    Main Stage, East Hall

    Our presentation will be interesting and informative to commercial fishing vessel owners, operators and captains attending the Conference Programs. Platypus is involved in the development of new boat building technology, processes and innovations that can enhance the safety and productivity of commercial fishing vessels.

    Fiberglass vessel undergoing sponsoning process. Beam increased from 15’ to 20’. Initial stability and righting energy increased 300%. Fish hold capacity increased 25%, while being able to utilize the existing 400 h.p. main.

    We look forward to seeing you there…

    Best regards,

    Brad Hale

    Assistant to Marty Marchant, Director of Sales and Marketing.