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    Lat: 48.07.22 N, Long: 123.26.40 W

  • USN UFDD-40 and UFDD-117

    USN UFDD-40 and UFDD-117 , were hauled out at Platypus Marine for their scheduled extensive drydock period. While being located at the indoor shipyard, the following work included but was not limited to, removing old wildlife growth, along with the  rubber fenders and zinc anodes. Preceding the sandblasting the voids were pressure tested to eliminate leak problems, and the hull of the vessels were scanned with ultrasonic testing equipment to evaluate the thickness of the hulls. Shortly after, the two Navy vessels were then sandblasted from top to bottom to remove old exterior paint coatings. Platypus Painters applied new coats of Amercoat 235Ameron ABC#3 paint to the the vessels surface for 100% preservation using a PSX 700 polysiloxane topside paint system complete with new non skid decking. In addition Platypus Painters also applied antifouling bottom paint with a 12 year service life to protect against new wildlife growth on the hulls. With the finishing touches of installing the new zinc anodes and the old rubber fenders (freshly sandblasted) along with the Electrical Resistance testing completed by Platypus Marine Electricians, the two Navy vessels were then launched on time and within budget. Platypus Marine is proud to partner with the United States Government for another exceptional project.