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  • USN YC 1665 Overhaul

    USN YC-1665, a 110′ barge was hauled out at Pacific Northwest Shipyard for an extensive dry dock period. Platypus Marine workers removed wildlife growth, rubber fenders and expired zinc anodes to prepare for exterior sandblasting. During the same time frame, the Naval Barge underwent ultrasonic testing to measure the thickness of the plating. Once the outer coatings of preservation were removed, Platypus Marine Painters applied multiple coats of Amercoat 235 and applied bottom paint using multiple coats of Ameron ABC#3. In addition, new coats of nonskid were applied to the deck completing the 100% preservation of the exterior. After all of the testing had been completed the rubber fenders were installed and new zinc anodes were added to the vessel. The USN YC 1665 Barge was then launched on time and within budget. Platypus Marine is proud to once again partner with the United States Navy as their partner for an exceptional Project.